Chiayo iTalk

Features Compact, lightweight, loud and mobile. 3.5" full-range speaker system with max output of 15W. Rechargeable function for economical use. Built-in charging circuitry (NiMH batteries recommended). It can be either tied around the waist or slung over the [...]

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Chiayo Focus 505

Features Truly wireless! Battery operation eliminates all cables so you can take it anywhere! Lightweight and powerful All-In-One system Easy to operate both indoors and outdoors 6" full-range speaker system with maximum output of [...]

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Chiayo Challenger 1000

Challenger 1000 series is a multi-function, multi-purpose, all-in-one compact and powerful portable sound system. It comes complete with Cassette recorder, CD/USB player, and Digital Recorder Player. The speaker system consists of a 10" [...]

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